Queensland Traveling

Useful Holiday Tips for Traveling in Queensland

Visiting any part of Australia can be very exciting and whether it’s your first trip, or if you’re a regular traveler – you’ll undoubtedly want to get the most out of your holiday. Here are a few especially useful holiday tips for traveling to Queensland in particular – all of which are ideal for first time visitors, but would act as a good checklist for those that frequent the region.

Think about taxation and custom charges

Queensland has a very diverse culture and its stores stand testament to this. Whether you’re buying a few souvenirs, or something a little more exotic to take back to your home country – you may be faced with a GST (goods and services tax) of 10%. The tourism department are usually happy to waver this fee if you have spent over $300 in a particular shop (and can prove your purchase). There are also other clauses that allow tourists to reduce or eliminate these taxes, so it’s a good idea to find out more by reading about the Tourist Refund Scheme.

Consider your money

The entirety of Australia features its own form of currency – the Australian dollar. Although similar in name to the US equivalent, it actually features a higher exchange rate depending on your original currency. With so much to see and do in Queensland, it’s a good idea to change up a fair about of your native cash into AUD. Any money that you don’t spend can be converted back at the end of your trip, or when you return home.

Don’t worry about service fees

If you’re visiting hotel bars, restaurants and cafés, then you might feel obliged to leave a tip. It might surprise you to hear that it is country policy to minimise fees for tourists, and so there’s never any concern over being greeted by a service charge when it comes time to pay for your bill. That’s not to say that a tip won’t be appreciated however, in fact it’s simply good manners to tip a waiter or service provider when they are catering to you.